The “Official” Arizona Beer Week returns February 18-25th, 2012

Drinking in the massive success of the inaugural Arizona Beer Week in 2011, the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild has announced the dates of this year’s weeklong celebration. The celebration of the craft beer boasts more than 150 buzz-worthy events in every corner of the state including Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Tucson, Phoenix, Bisbee and every brew-loving burg in between.

The thirst grows this year.

New events will expand the event with more focus on craft beer education, the artistry of brewing and unveiling never-before-seen suds. The weeklong celebration starts with the 12th Annual Arizona Strong Beer Festival, held at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix on February 18th, 2012.

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13 thoughts on “Arizona Beer Week is back!

  1. Jeremy Miller

    I just hope the strong beer festival doesn’t get rained on like last year.

    • Meadlady

      It rained last year … but it was still a fun festival!

  2. Roger Kaley

    This will be my 4th time attending the Strong beer festival. I have had so much fun at these events, that I invite all my friends and even take the day off if I’m scheduled to work. I have a friend that lives out of the state and plans his vacation around this event just to be able to attend. If anyone enjoys good strong beer, you don’t want to miss out on this event. Plan ahead and be responsible, have a designated driver. CHEERS!

    • Jenjennifer2005

       Since you have gone to these, this will be my first year attending. Is the Strong beer in reference to the ABV or the flavor? Just wondering, thx.

    • Kenbambi

      I bought a 31 Ford and need your help Ken

  3. Real ale fan

    Well, just discovered this event is when I happen to be in Arizona – just the right time! I live in England where Beer Festivals are a way of life, so I am really looking forward to exploring what Arizonan beers have to offer – sounds like good fun!

  4. me

    yeah,I’m an old pirate looking for grog

  5. Michael Jones

    Awww!!  We’ve always visited Scottsdale at other times of year, not knowing about this.  Can someone stop the world for a moment so that school holidays are held in February.  Best of luck to the Festival and its lucky fans!

  6. Jennytenney

    Sounds like fun! I am going to Kilt Fest on Feb. 25 where O’Henry is the headline band!!!

  7. Maggiedevila

    Country Club Classic is where I’ll be on Sunday. Intimate, nice venue and for a good cause!

  8. Redinsight

    And after the festival, the Phoenix Martigras, and then the pub crawl (and crawling I will be, by then!).

    • Redinsight

      Er, Mardi Gras, that is…

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