Dogs & Grogs Brunch

Date: Sunday, Feb 15, 2015
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Location: Short Leash Sit...Stay


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There isn’t anything much more Arizonan than craft AZ beers paired with fine handmade AZ delicacies on a sunny AZ Sunday afternoon. Dogs n Grogs presents all 3 of those at the famed Short Leash Sit…Stay restaurant. 4 Four Peaks beers will be paired with 4 different courses to create the most perfect match! There will also be live music so don’t drag your tail getting there!

Check out this flight and food pairing…$20:

– Kilt Lifter with a Breakfast Slider ( Brioche roll, Egg, Arugula, Sausage, Manchego Cheese)

– Odelay Mexican Chocolate Ale with Chocolate Chip Waffle & Spiced Maple Syrup

– Hop Knot with Mexican Casserole

– Hefeweizen with a mini Orange Pistachio Doughnut



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