Four Peaks Beer Can Derby 2019

Date: Saturday, Feb 16, 2019
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Location: Four Peaks Wilson Tasting Room


Website: Link to Event Tickets or Info


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The Four Peaks Beer Can Derby makes its triumphant return during Arizona Beer Week 2019, bringing back all the nonstop drama and heart-pounding action that races between wood blocks with wheels can deliver.

The details:
The entry fee is $15 and includes a starter kit to be picked up at Four Peaks’ 8th Street brewery in Tempe. These kits can be picked up beginning January 28.

Each starter kit includes everything you’ll need to create your racer: wheels, framing, axles and, of course, empty Four Peaks cans. You can add additional design and weight elements to your kit, but you must use the provided wheels, framing and axles, and you must incorporate at least (1) Four Peaks beer can into the design.

All race cars are gravity racers and can have no additional propulsion of any kind. (This includes but is not limited to: fans, compressed gas, electric motors, explosives and flux capacitors.) Decor and other elements that make your car unique and badass, however, are highly encouraged. Just make sure that your car doesn’t exceed these parameters:

Max. Width: 3.75″
Max. Height: 8″
Max. Length: 10″
Max. Weight: 12 oz.

Races will be held between two cars at a time on random and alternating track lanes. Each race will be best of three, with the winner advancing and the loser moving to the consolation bracket. In the rare event of a tie, the race will be completed until a winner is established. The prizes for the top three finishers are as follows:

First Place: $100 Four Peaks gift card, fame
Second Place: $50 Four Peaks gift card, slightly less fame
Third Pace: $25 Four Peaks gift card, still some fame but not as much as those first two

And for the second year in a row, we’ll be inviting our fellow Arizona brewers to compete in an all-Arizona brewery bracket. Cheer on your favorite local breweries as they battle for pinewood derby dominance!

All race entries must be purchased online. Race kits can be picked up beginning January 28 at the studio store at Four Peaks 8th Street (1340 E. 8th Street in Tempe). ​Save your receipt and show it at the time of pickup to receive your kit. ​

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